February 2019 – nasty, brutish, and (thankfully) short

The first few weeks of the year always feel harder than the rest, like everything is slowly accelerating from a standstill, and reluctant to move in the cold.
On the bright side, the days are slowly getting longer again.
I spent January primarily wrapping up the work for my show in Almonte Ontario this April, but i did have a chance to work on a few other paintings.

Among them was a series of 4 darker ‘low key’ paintings.
These were inspired partially by a time of year where daylight can be pretty elusive, but also by a lot of the feelings that come along with it.
My focus was less on representing an existing location, and more on the process and the mood.
They are increasingly less literal, and try to ‘imply’ more than ‘depict’

”The Distance from Who to Where’ 36×48
available through Muse Gallery in Toronto Ontario https://www.musegallery.ca/

It Wasn’t That At All, 36×48

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It wasn't that at all 36×48

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available through Galerie Bloom, Montreal. https://www.galeriebloom.com/

Magnetically Uncertain Spare Parts 36×60

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Magnetically uncertain spare parts 36×60

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available through Galerie Bloom, Montreal. https://www.galeriebloom.com/

(The 4th of these is still in progress, i’ll include it in next months digest:)

I also worked on ‘Hot Lap’ this month. It is set mid-snow storm from an intersection on the walk from my house to the studio. i do this walk a LOT. There’s a few ways to do it and it’s only a few minutes each direction. but it definitely feels a lot farther in the winter than the summer.

Hot Lap, 36×48

available through Muse Gallery in Toronto Ontario https://www.musegallery.ca/

And finally, ‘There’s No Deps in Space’ 36×48

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There's no deps in space 36×48

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i did this painting for something that Galerie Bloom has coming up next month. Please contact the gallery for more info

and that wraps it up!
Thanks for reading, and i hope it wasn’t too many words.
I am trying to find the perfect balance of text and pictures. Feedback on this digest is more than welcome, please help me make it better.

see you next month!




January 2019 – a year behind, a year ahead

so here it is! the first installment of my new monthly digest blog.
This will be collection of images, ideas, thoughts etc. basically a ‘month in review’ of everything i’ve been working on.
Since we all have ADD now thanks to technology i’ll try and keep it word-light, image-heavy as best i can, but there will be some ramblings for sure.

December and the holidays are always busy for everyone but for me with my birthday falling four days before Christmas its particularly overwhelming. (i actually had an idea to change my birthday to june or something.. longer days, warmer, i think it’s for the best)


The month started off with a december 1st 5-7 at Bloom Gallery in the old port.
(sidenote – a ‘cinq a sept’ is an old montreal tradition that translated into english means ‘after-work drinks’. Over the past 10 years living in Montreal though i’ve come to realize that ‘cinq a sept’ should really be called ‘cinq a trois heure le matin prochain’… these things never end at 7)
All the artists that the gallery represents had a few pieces in this group show, it was really fun and great to meet everyone.
Here’s a shot of me in my finest evening-wear in front of my painting “Half Circles are Semi Circles 48×60”.
As one guest said.. ‘you don’t look like an artist’ 😉 Thanks again to everyone who came out!

(this painting is currently available through Galerie Bloom – https://www.galeriebloom.com/)

Upcoming Show – March 29 to May 2, 2019
The past few months i’ve been very busy on a body of work for an upcoming show at Sivarulrasa Gallery in Almonte Ontario

I typically work on a few paintings at the same time, letting layers dry on wet paintings while i work on the dryer ones, rotating through them like that.

There are still a few im finishing up but most of them are now complete. here’s a few.

Things best left remembered, 36×48

I haven’t had a proper ‘show’ in quite a while and wanted to create a body of work that strung (loosely) around a common theme.
So there’s a few ideas in here that i won’t get into too much right now (i’d need way more chardonnay) but basically its about relaxing, slowing down, and my completely inability to do so.
I’m trying to learn though. It’s hard, but i’m trying.


Studio shot – early december
I’m currently sharing a small corner of Holly Friesen’s awesome studio space in the Complex Canal Lachine in st. henri.
It’s literally a block from where i live and so i spend most nights walking a few dark streets, to and from. A lot of these locations are depicted in these recent paintings.

some of these paintings are really big (like the one below – 60×60!) I’ve been loving this format and the amount of gesture that goes into panels that size. Man, they are logistical NIGHTMARES though. i need to figure out a way to the easily get them around, my car won’t do the job anymore.


Another 60×60 for the show

In addition to those monsters I also did a handful of smaller format paintings for the show. i used to work primarily small format but haven’t in while. It’s really bizarre switching from large to small. Changing formats is like starting again – the entire process changes and it’s a completely different thing. Painting is nothing like riding a bike. Bob Dylan once said if you’re not busy being born you’re busy dying. Jeremy Price once said if you’re not busy painting you’re busy forgetting how to paint. Here’s to re-learning:)

A funny story about this next one.. funny in hindsight i guess:)
after finishing up the painting one afternoon i was moving the easel and it fell forward, onto.. me.
my shoulder and head effectively erased a good chunk of it. I was able to redo it, and it came out mostly the same. mostly. it was easely the highlight of my day

And one last one…
a nocturne that is now available through Gallery Muse in Toronto .
After packing and shipping the painting with a local courier i realized i didnt attach any of the shipping papers to the box. oops.
luckily it made it unscathed but it was a stressful couple of days.
i’ve only ‘lost’ a painting in the mail once. it’s a terrible feeling.

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Head did, heart did not 36×48 oil on wood board

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and that’s december in a nutshell! i’ll see you in February with more.
stay warm and practice your slav squats.


this blog… reborn!

happy 2019!
this year i have an idea, a plan.

i’ve been badly neglecting this blog as of late (and my website – man, who has time for all this stuff?)
but this is all going to change. beginning next week im going to start a monthly ‘re-cap digest’ post. A collection of everything that i worked on, finished, thought about doing, etc. over the past 4 week. There will be photos, some rants, who knows… maybe even photos of things i ate for breakfast. (maybe)

this way it will be all condensed in one, regular post/email.
Im all about simplicity these days, and this will reduce the spam, reduce the noise, and be a whole lot more efficient with my time, and the time of everyone else who so graciously follows my messy, frenetic, linseed oil-soaked journey of painting.



hello everyone that follows me on this blog, and has been following the progress of my paintings over the years. I would like to quickly thank you all for your continued support, it’s much appreciated.

I’ve had this blog for quite a few years and it has always been the first place that any new artwork of mine got posted. (I called it ‘Jermin’ because that’s the name my brother Lucas gave me when he was very small and couldn’t say Jeremy properly)

I’ve noticed over the past few months that i haven’t been sharing work on the internet the same way. for a variety of reasons I’ve been using instagram/facebook/twitter much more, and this blog much less.

This blog is not dead. I will continue to post recent developments and upcoming show information here, but invite anyone who’s interested in receiving more frequent updates of current work (and work in progress) to follow my other threads

here’s the links.



and twitter is @cjeremyprice

thanks again!



nothing I could think to say or do, 36×48

a line from a song that’s been rolling around in my head lately, and a view of one of the intersections on the silent midnight trek back home every night from the studio.
I heard a solid bit of advice recently in a speech by Bharat Masrani that went something along the lines of ‘always assume that you are 50% of the problem’. Smart guy, but for me it might be closer to 75.

Nothing i could think to say or do 36x48

Nothing i could think to say or do 36×48