my LAST wordpress blog post

hi everybody,
so this is it. the LAST post on this blog.

things change, methods of communicating change, and methods of organizing that communication… it changes too.

it’s time to migrate all this to a new platform.
My original plan (as of last spring) was to post a monthly digest on this blog, but after a busy summer and that plan getting completely wrecked, i have decided that i will be doing this solely through a periodic newsletter (via mailchimp) that you can sign up for on my website… right here…

So for anyone that has been following this blog for the past number of years (THANK YOU, sincerely) who wishes to continue receiving updates of my stories, paintings. ramblings, and anything that seems important enough to write about at the time, please take 2 seconds and subscribe to my newsletter.
That would be awesome.

below is a copy of the first of these newsletters that i published a few days ago if you’d like to take a look, and i sincerely hope you’ll be around for more in the future.

and thanks all again for the continued interest, it means a lot to me.

best regards
jeremy price




Bring May Flowers

So it’s mid-May already and this blog post is really late, like 2 weeks late. normally i title the post by the new month and then ramble on about all the shit that went on in the previous month. its kind of confusing. i would ideally like to create a blog post with the name of month as the title, and then talk about things that happened that month. that seems to make sense, i’ll try and go that direction.

being 2 weeks late on the April (i mean May…uff) blog post seems like a long time . summarizing everything is hard when it happened 6 weeks ago. Everything blurs together.
thats actually of a great part of producing paintings. paintings give you a landmark, a frame of reference to a time and a place. Seeing that painting you remember where you were, what you were doing, things you were thinking, stuff you cooked, all sorts of things!
life needs landmarks or it all just blurs together.

Yeah the past 6 weeks is all a little blurry, but i’ll just take a look through my photos or whats on instagram and it will all come back to me. isn’t technology amazing!

let’s see.. april…

according to instagram in the beginning of April i finished up “Eventually it Won’t” 24×48
Its set on a small street near me in st. Henri, in the middle of a storm in the winter of a million storms.

i think winter gets tougher as you get older. its definitely getting tough on me. i love the contrast of the 4 seasons but man by april a change is long overdue.

Here’s an idea.. imagine that instead of 4 there’s SIX seasons!
what would the other two be?

digressing – This is Eventually It Wont, 24×48, now available at Muse Gallery in Toronto

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Eventually it won't 24×48

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in April i went on a little weekender to Toronto Ontario.
among many other things i…

Met a stand up comic on the train @thelatvianfoodie

Saw the prime minister in some restaurant off Yonge Street,

and spent a afternoon walking around the big smoke with my old pal Dave @david_poolman
You were right Dave, it was a bad day to buy records, and you don’t look like Jon Prine.

oh i also stared at all the condos and thought ‘wow those are tall’

here’s a few old paintings of mine that my brother has, early 2010s roughly.


Which brings me to… my NEW PROJECT!

this is the first place i’ve mentioned anything about this, so here’s to sneak previews.

In the next few weeks i’ll be making a run of limited edition, signed prints of a spaceman having a beer in @bardecourcille

it’s called ‘They Don’t sell 50 in Space’, and its 33×22 inches


Here’s some details, ideas SO FRESH they haven’t even been finalized, but it’s where i think it’s going.

A limited run of giclee digital prints on acid-free archival paper.
150 prints in total, at a price of 150$/each

shipping – for those not close enough to pick up prints in person, i will be shipping prints in large diameter cardboard tubes so they don’t get damaged/distorted

i’ll need to see what the options are but likely shipping will be a flat rate of around 10$

anyone interested in reserving one please contact me through my email address –

one last photo – the reference image i took at bar de courcelle for planning out the spaceman.

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2 spacemen

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Finally, wrapping up this month i started working on few small format paintings again. the difference between large and small is significant. everything changes. its a nice exercise moving from one to the other. like learning to ride a bike, again.

the first of these small formats was of one of my favourite hats that i got at punk rock bowling in las vegas last year.

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PRB beacon, 12×12

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it’s called PBR Beacon (pbr for punk rock bowling, not Pabst blue ribbon) The beacon part is because the hat was so bright my friends said i was like a beacon standing in the crowd at the show

and that’s it for another month! Love the time you’ve got in as many ways as you can. life is not a destination it’s a voyage.
Thanks to everyone i’ve met along the way for making it a more interesting one.



April 2019 – thawing out

And longer, more optimistic days are upon us. Thank Space!
(as issac asimov would say in “foundation” – my metro book as of late)
Another Way Down was a larger painting that i completed in early March. Quite often i prefer perspectives from ground level, placing the viewer into the scene directly, but this is an overhead view of an intersection with Downtown Montreal off in the distance. It’s been a long winter, and i guess i’ve been feeling a little ‘far away’ this past few months.

Another Way Down 36×60
Currently available through Muse Gallery, Toronto

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Another way down 36×60

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In a completely different direction is this painting (still in progress) of a partridge hunt, very loosely based in reality.
it is a bit of a modern take of those classic hunting paintings. Hunters on horseback with a pack of dogs, blowing a bugle, wearing top hats and orange coats.. etc.

Instead of horses there’s atvs, and the dogs are represented by Lou Lou, my Yorkshire terrier, and Frank, my brothers Havanese.
Hiding in the painting is a partridge,but you need to look close to spot it. Partridge are REALLY good at hiding.

“The Pride of Trace and Trail” 36×48 (work in progress)

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The pride of trace and trail, 36×48

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Halfway through March i went out west to visit old friends who have recently moved to a small town in the mountains of BC. Coincidentally they also own a self portrait i did last year of me in Havana, so i took a quick photo to commemorate our reunion.
I look a little rougher around the edges, Cuba-me still looks the same.

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Two grumps

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A few other paintings were completed after i got back… which due to the grounding of all air canada’s 737 Max8s could have easily been a sequel of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles… just a lot less funny.

One Small Step 36×36 (now available through Galerie Bloom

Now You Look Back 24×48 (now available through Galerie Bloom

PLAY PAUSE 36×36 (now available through Galerie Bloom

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On March 29th my 12 painting show entitled ‘things i don’t know how to do” opened at Sivarulrasa Gallery in Almonte Ontario.
It’s up for the next 5 weeks, coming down May 12th

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March 29 – May 12, Svarulrasa gallery, Almonte ON

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we had the Vernissage on Saturday April 6th.
There was a great turnout and I want to thank everyone who made the trip to Almonte.

here’s a few shots…

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Vernissage day!

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That’s it for the busy month that was March!
see you next month.


March 2019 – you can have it too

March in Quebec is like the sequel to February that nobody wanted. oh well, it’s almost done. at least it’s a little brighter. there’s a day around the end of february where the light changes from blue to yellow, and it’s then you know it’ll be done soon. .. for another 6 months at least:)

One of the first paintings i completed in february was ‘Hot Lap’
(currently available through in Toronto)

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Hot lap, 36×48

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this is a racing term for going around a track as fast as you can but not actually competing. I felt it summarized the studio/home/studio/home path i kept well worn in the snow, and was a funny name considering all the minus a billion degrees weather.

Galerie Bloom held a nuit blanche show (just last weekend actually) For which i submitted ‘There’s no Depanneurs in Space’

the theme of the show (actually it seems to be the theme of the whole night) was ‘future’ so this was a bit of a humorous take on flooded streets, toxic air, relaxing .. and cold beer. cheers spaceman.

Winter means lots of metro riding, which is strangely awesome and miserable at the same time. if you’ve got a long way to go there’s no beating it.
these days im either reading or drawing. here’s a few sketchbook pages.

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drawn on the metro, a short story about some birds

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I havent been a regular metro rider for quite a few years. In my absence they’ve added mobile data to the underground tunnel network. this means that literally 90% of people are doing things on their phones the entire ride. It used to be difficult drawing people on the metro as they were aware of what you were doing, but now you can draw the entire time with nobody noticing. the problem is that everyone is in the same boring hunched over pose. not very interesting which results in other doodles. (space calamari, bird sausages, etc)

Another large painting i finished last month was Magnetically Uncertain Spare Parts (currently available through in Montreal)

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Magnetically uncertain spare parts 36×60

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Winter streetscapes feel so different than summer, and its funny how i miss both when they’re out of season.

Finally, i have a show coming up very soon at Sivarulrasa Gallery in Almonte Ontario, just outside of Ottawa.

12 paintings ranging from small to quite large (60×60)
here’s the bio page

and the flyer…

i’ll be at the opening on April 6.

Stay Warm!
Back in a month with more updates on work, life, and maybe a few more metro drawings.


February 2019 – nasty, brutish, and (thankfully) short

The first few weeks of the year always feel harder than the rest, like everything is slowly accelerating from a standstill, and reluctant to move in the cold.
On the bright side, the days are slowly getting longer again.
I spent January primarily wrapping up the work for my show in Almonte Ontario this April, but i did have a chance to work on a few other paintings.

Among them was a series of 4 darker ‘low key’ paintings.
These were inspired partially by a time of year where daylight can be pretty elusive, but also by a lot of the feelings that come along with it.
My focus was less on representing an existing location, and more on the process and the mood.
They are increasingly less literal, and try to ‘imply’ more than ‘depict’

”The Distance from Who to Where’ 36×48
available through Muse Gallery in Toronto Ontario

It Wasn’t That At All, 36×48

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It wasn't that at all 36×48

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available through Galerie Bloom, Montreal.

Magnetically Uncertain Spare Parts 36×60

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Magnetically uncertain spare parts 36×60

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available through Galerie Bloom, Montreal.

(The 4th of these is still in progress, i’ll include it in next months digest:)

I also worked on ‘Hot Lap’ this month. It is set mid-snow storm from an intersection on the walk from my house to the studio. i do this walk a LOT. There’s a few ways to do it and it’s only a few minutes each direction. but it definitely feels a lot farther in the winter than the summer.

Hot Lap, 36×48

available through Muse Gallery in Toronto Ontario

And finally, ‘There’s No Deps in Space’ 36×48

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There's no deps in space 36×48

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i did this painting for something that Galerie Bloom has coming up next month. Please contact the gallery for more info

and that wraps it up!
Thanks for reading, and i hope it wasn’t too many words.
I am trying to find the perfect balance of text and pictures. Feedback on this digest is more than welcome, please help me make it better.

see you next month!