most of me is elsewhere 36×48

read a book.
listen to the cicadas.
have a conversation.
All things i need to learn how to do.
Close your eyes
Hold it
I can touch it with my hands

most of me is elsewhere 36x48

most of me is elsewhere 36×48


nothing I could think to say or do, 36×48

a line from a song that’s been rolling around in my head lately, and a view of one of the intersections on the silent midnight trek back home every night from the studio.
I heard a solid bit of advice recently in a speech by Bharat Masrani that went something along the lines of ‘always assume that you are 50% of the problem’. Smart guy, but for me it might be closer to 75.

Nothing i could think to say or do 36x48

Nothing i could think to say or do 36×48

Halfway Home, 36×48

a view of the depanneur at the corner of the street I just moved onto in Saint Henri, Montreal. Beyond this street there isn’t much left of the city, just the canal and some industrial lots on the way to the airport.

It’s a huge change from where i was in the plateau, but it’s a welcome change. There’s a small town feel to these streets. A quiet corner of a busy city.

halfway home, 36x48

halfway home, 36×48