Bring May Flowers

So it’s mid-May already and this blog post is really late, like 2 weeks late. normally i title the post by the new month and then ramble on about all the shit that went on in the previous month. its kind of confusing. i would ideally like to create a blog post with the name of month as the title, and then talk about things that happened that month. that seems to make sense, i’ll try and go that direction.

being 2 weeks late on the April (i mean May…uff) blog post seems like a long time . summarizing everything is hard when it happened 6 weeks ago. Everything blurs together.
thats actually of a great part of producing paintings. paintings give you a landmark, a frame of reference to a time and a place. Seeing that painting you remember where you were, what you were doing, things you were thinking, stuff you cooked, all sorts of things!
life needs landmarks or it all just blurs together.

Yeah the past 6 weeks is all a little blurry, but i’ll just take a look through my photos or whats on instagram and it will all come back to me. isn’t technology amazing!

let’s see.. april…

according to instagram in the beginning of April i finished up “Eventually it Won’t” 24×48
Its set on a small street near me in st. Henri, in the middle of a storm in the winter of a million storms.

i think winter gets tougher as you get older. its definitely getting tough on me. i love the contrast of the 4 seasons but man by april a change is long overdue.

Here’s an idea.. imagine that instead of 4 there’s SIX seasons!
what would the other two be?

digressing – This is Eventually It Wont, 24×48, now available at Muse Gallery in Toronto

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Eventually it won't 24×48

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in April i went on a little weekender to Toronto Ontario.
among many other things i…

Met a stand up comic on the train @thelatvianfoodie

Saw the prime minister in some restaurant off Yonge Street,

and spent a afternoon walking around the big smoke with my old pal Dave @david_poolman
You were right Dave, it was a bad day to buy records, and you don’t look like Jon Prine.

oh i also stared at all the condos and thought ‘wow those are tall’

here’s a few old paintings of mine that my brother has, early 2010s roughly.


Which brings me to… my NEW PROJECT!

this is the first place i’ve mentioned anything about this, so here’s to sneak previews.

In the next few weeks i’ll be making a run of limited edition, signed prints of a spaceman having a beer in @bardecourcille

it’s called ‘They Don’t sell 50 in Space’, and its 33×22 inches


Here’s some details, ideas SO FRESH they haven’t even been finalized, but it’s where i think it’s going.

A limited run of giclee digital prints on acid-free archival paper.
150 prints in total, at a price of 150$/each

shipping – for those not close enough to pick up prints in person, i will be shipping prints in large diameter cardboard tubes so they don’t get damaged/distorted

i’ll need to see what the options are but likely shipping will be a flat rate of around 10$

anyone interested in reserving one please contact me through my email address –

one last photo – the reference image i took at bar de courcelle for planning out the spaceman.

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2 spacemen

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Finally, wrapping up this month i started working on few small format paintings again. the difference between large and small is significant. everything changes. its a nice exercise moving from one to the other. like learning to ride a bike, again.

the first of these small formats was of one of my favourite hats that i got at punk rock bowling in las vegas last year.

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PRB beacon, 12×12

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it’s called PBR Beacon (pbr for punk rock bowling, not Pabst blue ribbon) The beacon part is because the hat was so bright my friends said i was like a beacon standing in the crowd at the show

and that’s it for another month! Love the time you’ve got in as many ways as you can. life is not a destination it’s a voyage.
Thanks to everyone i’ve met along the way for making it a more interesting one.



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