this blog… reborn!

happy 2019!
this year i have an idea, a plan.

i’ve been badly neglecting this blog as of late (and my website – man, who has time for all this stuff?)
but this is all going to change. beginning next week im going to start a monthly ‘re-cap digest’ post. A collection of everything that i worked on, finished, thought about doing, etc. over the past 4 week. There will be photos, some rants, who knows… maybe even photos of things i ate for breakfast. (maybe)

this way it will be all condensed in one, regular post/email.
Im all about simplicity these days, and this will reduce the spam, reduce the noise, and be a whole lot more efficient with my time, and the time of everyone else who so graciously follows my messy, frenetic, linseed oil-soaked journey of painting.


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