my LAST wordpress blog post

hi everybody,
so this is it. the LAST post on this blog.

things change, methods of communicating change, and methods of organizing that communication… it changes too.

it’s time to migrate all this to a new platform.
My original plan (as of last spring) was to post a monthly digest on this blog, but after a busy summer and that plan getting completely wrecked, i have decided that i will be doing this solely through a periodic newsletter (via mailchimp) that you can sign up for on my website… right here…

So for anyone that has been following this blog for the past number of years (THANK YOU, sincerely) who wishes to continue receiving updates of my stories, paintings. ramblings, and anything that seems important enough to write about at the time, please take 2 seconds and subscribe to my newsletter.
That would be awesome.

below is a copy of the first of these newsletters that i published a few days ago if you’d like to take a look, and i sincerely hope you’ll be around for more in the future.

and thanks all again for the continued interest, it means a lot to me.

best regards
jeremy price




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