March 2019 – you can have it too

March in Quebec is like the sequel to February that nobody wanted. oh well, it’s almost done. at least it’s a little brighter. there’s a day around the end of february where the light changes from blue to yellow, and it’s then you know it’ll be done soon. .. for another 6 months at least:)

One of the first paintings i completed in february was ‘Hot Lap’
(currently available through in Toronto)

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Hot lap, 36×48

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this is a racing term for going around a track as fast as you can but not actually competing. I felt it summarized the studio/home/studio/home path i kept well worn in the snow, and was a funny name considering all the minus a billion degrees weather.

Galerie Bloom held a nuit blanche show (just last weekend actually) For which i submitted ‘There’s no Depanneurs in Space’

the theme of the show (actually it seems to be the theme of the whole night) was ‘future’ so this was a bit of a humorous take on flooded streets, toxic air, relaxing .. and cold beer. cheers spaceman.

Winter means lots of metro riding, which is strangely awesome and miserable at the same time. if you’ve got a long way to go there’s no beating it.
these days im either reading or drawing. here’s a few sketchbook pages.

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drawn on the metro, a short story about some birds

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I havent been a regular metro rider for quite a few years. In my absence they’ve added mobile data to the underground tunnel network. this means that literally 90% of people are doing things on their phones the entire ride. It used to be difficult drawing people on the metro as they were aware of what you were doing, but now you can draw the entire time with nobody noticing. the problem is that everyone is in the same boring hunched over pose. not very interesting which results in other doodles. (space calamari, bird sausages, etc)

Another large painting i finished last month was Magnetically Uncertain Spare Parts (currently available through in Montreal)

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Magnetically uncertain spare parts 36×60

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Winter streetscapes feel so different than summer, and its funny how i miss both when they’re out of season.

Finally, i have a show coming up very soon at Sivarulrasa Gallery in Almonte Ontario, just outside of Ottawa.

12 paintings ranging from small to quite large (60×60)
here’s the bio page

and the flyer…

i’ll be at the opening on April 6.

Stay Warm!
Back in a month with more updates on work, life, and maybe a few more metro drawings.


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