Halfway Home, 36×48

a view of the depanneur at the corner of the street I just moved onto in Saint Henri, Montreal. Beyond this street there isn’t much left of the city, just the canal and some industrial lots on the way to the airport.

It’s a huge change from where i was in the plateau, but it’s a welcome change. There’s a small town feel to these streets. A quiet corner of a busy city.

halfway home, 36x48

halfway home, 36×48




Find Your Way Back, 36×48

moved back onto large format after a bit of break. really enjoy the gesture that goes into this size but my elbow can’t seem to hold up. I managed to get golfers elbow from painting in the past few months but physio seems to be working though.

one of the streets from my bicycle ride across town every morning. Summer, cicadas, humidity, and the still silence that comes from mid 30s heat.

now available through Galerie Bloom,


find your way back 36x48

find your way back 36×48

Fast Forward, Rewind 24×24

A final painting of the view from my apartment up Henri Julien, before my move across town to st. Henri. Funny the names they share, I just realized that now. I did a lot of growing up in the two and a half years I lived on this street, growing up that was long overdue. Getting older, but getting younger. Rewind, play it again, listen closer.


I’ve been visiting my brothers family in Los Angeles the past few weeks, any time away from oil paints usually results in watercolours. Always a battle, here’s a few from the beach over the past few days.

Painting moving water is surprisingly therapeutic. It’s impossible to get caught up in details.. They’re gone too fast. You’re only left with an impression of what’s there to work with… And sometimes wet feet if you’re sitting too close to the shore. The smell of salt water from the waves might be the best part.